"you should write this stuff down…"

…is what they say. So I am. Finally. Not that anyone will read it. But hey why not.

I always used to start journals- only to stop months later because I felt way self absorbed writing in them all the time. And of course there’s the laziness factor too.

But the journals…they looked pretty on the shelf.

Maybe the blog will look pretty someday.

Pretty pictures of my progress in dyeing and fiber art. (If someone knows how to measure artistic progress…. lemme know. I’d like to think I’m learning, but since it all occurs late at night- sometimes I’m not the best judge.)

back to prettying up the blog….

Pretty pictures of my garden ( when it’s not languishing at the end of a dry summer, about to enter winter)

Pretty pictures of my kids, both 2 legged and four pawed.

Pretty pictures around town

etc etc

but today it’s just words and that’ll just have to do.

First blog post: Done.

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