In other news….

I got some pictures done.

I would have loved to get them on the website too, but for now I’ll take what I can get.

I have had about 40 scarves that have been waiting for good light to do the photos. My etsy shop has been saying “new scarves will be posted soon” and yet- I managed to have only 7 things up through December. Oy.

So, while I’m not really done, I did get alot photos done, and a few listings up. Now if only I could also update the website easily.

And I batiked a new scarf- that I am Loving. As in- if it doesn’t sell- I may take it down and wear it myself. But that would kind of defeat the purpose.

More pics:

And another that’s been done for a while- but I so love the colors….

There’s two of these that are similar. Starting with slightly different base colors, but polewrapped and dyed with the same colors for the patterning.

I’m very excited to have gotten these done. I feel like I’ve passed a “hump” and can move on.


Now back to “the real job”.

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