All is not lost…

After the “weekend of stupid mistakes” I thought I’d soothe my soul with a little “abstract” batik. Sometimes it’s nice to just throw some wax. Splatter, dribble, brush, and yes throw the wax. My basement wall is a mess now :-)

I was starting to pontificate over how I’ve come around to liking art that isn’t just the realist painters, and so on, but it was getting too heady and stuffy sounding. Dang it, I just like color. And sometimes it’s just fun to play with color in whatever way strikes you. Monday, I just wanted to play with the colors, and see what happened. The result is below.

There was a vague plan for this scarf. It’s a little lighter than what I wanted, but that’s because I accidentally baked it. Etsy friends….see thread here. And clearly- it didn’t burn. I think the smell was the wax. I also don’t think the oven was on as long as I thought. Anyhoo… here’s the blue version : (The light is not great, I haven’t really futzed around with color correction because I wasn’t shooting this for the shop. Just to share with you all.)

Blue Batik Scarf

And all stretched out:

Blue Batik detail

I had fun. There was ego soothing over my public goofing up my other scarf with such newbie type mistakes. This one didn’t get burnt to a crisp. (though it was pretty dark when I unwrapped it). Happy little dyer I am! Sometimes it’s just fun to throw some wax.

4 thoughts on “All is not lost…

  1. Throwing wax sounds like a great way to work out some frustration. And clearly, the results are beautiful. :)

  2. I had a plan for something more “controlled” but I like flicking the wax on there. There is a method of waxing that is similar and involves careful tapping of your wax brush against another so that it flicks off ….of course I can’t remember what it’s called. But there are some artists ou there who amaze me with it.

    This was just me having fun. And scaring the cats :-)

    (edited to fix all the mis-spellings I just can’t type lately!)

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