Etsy on Martha Stewart!!!!!

Tomorrow, the founders will be on the Martha Stewart show, preaching the gospel of Etsy. It will be interesting to see what kind of publicity it brings the site. It is slowly but surely inching out into the mainstream. There have been mentions and etsy artists on Martha’s show before. Rachel Ray has also talked about Etsy as well.

In anticipaton of the show and in honor of Etsy Hussy girlsavage having her lovable creations being mentioned, the Hussies of Etsy have banded together. We are offering promotions and sales, snagging treasuries right and left to let Martha and her fans know that we think she’s HAWT. And now, an honorary Hussy.

How do you get to be a hussy? There are no requirements other than a (tawdry) sense of humor, the gift of gab, and make room on the big red couch for the next hussy to walk in the door. We are a group of gals (and a few guys) spread over the country who enjoy making each other laugh, holding each other up during the yucky days …..and always on call to hide the bodies of those who cross our fellow hussies when necessary. :-)

So here’s to the Hussies!

CharmingDarling, Raven, Yobo, Ebon, Pandys, HerMajesty, Lynnette, Pink, Abitabite, Sue, Keys, KJ, JLyn, Gini, Avionmaille, KJMart, Stoney,

and of course the Queen of Trollbies and other vintage goodies!

Martha is a Hussy at Heart

Ms. KarmaRox !!!!!!!!!!!!

For more about Etsy, and some of my favorite artists, click on the Etsy Artisans tab above. If you have no idea “what is this etsy you speak of”…my ode to etsy is here.

3 thoughts on “Etsy on Martha Stewart!!!!!

  1. OH WOW!!! Thanks for feauturing ‘Miss Martha!!” Twat an honor!!!!


    Hussies RAWK!

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