Mokume Success(ish)

Keep in mind that I HATE tedious handwork.

I usually throw down cross stitch in disgust, toss knitting across the room and commit similar semi violent actions again innocent crafting projects.

Which is why I’m surprise I actually stuck with this one, to the distress of my shoulder, neck and eyes (from stitching white on white and then picking out the dyed stitches.)

Here it is- my first foray in to both Mokume AND using lanaset dyes. Not too shabby for a first shot.


Photos of completely unpicked scarf to come. I suspect I’ll beĀ  pulling stitches out on the train for the next few days.

4 thoughts on “Mokume Success(ish)

  1. i’d take off the “ish” part. great first effort. i haven’t done much mokume but will be doing the mokume challenge as part of the shibori flickr pool. why not join in?

  2. Well done, I say it’s just beautiful for a 1st try!
    Welcome to the world of tiny stitches, I’m glad I never have to take mine back out.

  3. fbbeautiful quilt and i just love the soft and muted colors of your dyed faribc. I know the work that goes into a quilt from start to finish and adding the dying process just astounds me! Thanks for sharing!

  4. book topic = basic design for art qiusterlthe older kids went through southern Utah this summer as part of our family gargantuan road trip. Can’t afford that again for a while.I’d absolutely love to come to Utah want to convince a guild to hire me? If it’s summer I could at least bring my talented older girls. I truly miss Moab and Goblin Valley.

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