Front Page!!!!

Warning Warning! Gloating Ahead.

This, my friends, was what I woke up to this morning. Boatloads of views and about 15 new hearts on my shop. Never does that happen, as I’m a small fish in the BIG ETSY ocean. But alas, apparently the treasury I was in was on the front page overnight. And this was the lucky listing.

Golden Paths Silk Charmeuse Scarf

This gorgeous Treasury was curated by juliegarland . She was kind enough to send me a screenshot of the front page that someone took for her.

Treasury Front Page May 17, 2008

I’m just a wee bit excited. Just a bit. And please be sure to check out her shop as well.

3 thoughts on “Front Page!!!!

  1. ooo! congrats! That is a beauty and well deserving of a treasury. I’m still hoping someone will use me for a treasury some day… etsy sure is a big pond isn’t it?

  2. etsy is a big pond indeed. I’ve been in very few, and I’m always surprised when it happens. But this really knocked my socks off. I really thought there’d been a weird etsy server hiccup that caused all the views.

    confidence in my work is not my strong suit, clearly.

  3. holy crappoly. admittedly, yes the only reason why I am spending countless minutes parusing this site is because I got out of class early and am waiting for my timed meeting with a friend in the city. BUT aside from that unimportant and slightly insulting piece of information, I am really impressed by the site and the success with the scarves. I shall forward this to the friends. The girls for sure would appreciate. (pardon the spelling errors, just because I am LIVE AT THE (YADAYADAYADA LOCATION DELETED) LIBRARY doesn’t make me smart.) sis
    ps you know you love the kitty