If I Could Marry an Iris……

It would be this one

So lonely...

This shy beauty was found among a bed of irises along my driveway. Some of which had been transplanted 2 seasons before from my backyard. I’ve never seen her before, but she is stunning, and the nicest surprise.

It is also amazing what has grown from a handful of seeds, haphazardly tossed in the side yard 2 seasons ago.

Holy three foot tall Lupine Batman!

Funny how big this guy grew, happy as a clam in this crappy, unamended, compacted soil, from questionable seed, and the pots I purchased from the garden center 2 years ago- died the first year.

What’s nice is this one has a bunch of friends in this bed. Maybe it’ll take over the whole side.

And lastly


This lilac hasn’t bloomed like this in the almost 3 years we’ve been here. It smells DIVINE.

Well my friends, clearly there hasn’t been much dyeing going on. Lately I’ve been reveling in the color in my yard. That’s where I plan to stay as long as it’s sunny out.

3 thoughts on “If I Could Marry an Iris……

  1. Beautiful pink iris! I have some of the yellow ones… and some washed out purple. Isn’t it early for the irises? seems like it to me. But everything is blooming in my yard too.

    I miss having lilacs. I have 2 lilac trees that are doing well… lilac bushes don’t like my yard. Too close to a walnut tree I think!

  2. I’m so sad- the lilacs took a beating in the rain we had so the blooms are gone.

    The irises are hanging in there though. There are a total of 6 pinks now.

    I have a deep maroon that will bloom later this month probably.

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