Adventurous Cat Regrets Adventure

So I cut a bunch of flowers to put on the table last night- since the lilacs were awesome.

From the cutting garden, daisy, sweet william, lilac

And indie…dear sweet kitty indie…


Wouldn’t leave them alone. As soon as I got him off the tale, back up he jumps. WORSE than the computer obsession.

So – when he wasn’t looking- I moved them to the kitchen window. He found them.

I finally had to put the out on the ledge on the porch so he can’t get to them.

He then proceeds to cry at the door, (much like he did when I had the lemon grass plant out there before I planted it) and run out every time someone opened the door to go out.

He cries, he rams his head, he scratches at the door.

He paces, and jumps on the couch, then on the shelf where the keys are just to get a glimpse of his beloved flowers.

Pace cry jump pace cry jump.

I’m trying to nap, until I hear a distinctly different cry and see this:

pacing, pacing, (and meowing)

and of course the obligatory cat butt picture…

Eventually, after about 3 minutes of frantic pacing and a final gaze out the window at his beloved flowers, he jumped down with more of a splat than feline grace, but he’s fine. I think if he hadn’t been so scared- he would have tried to go through the screen to get them.

(thanks to the hubs for his catching the action)

6 thoughts on “Adventurous Cat Regrets Adventure

  1. the cat is a doofus :-)

    a persistent, stubborn doofus.

    He practically tackled a guest a few minutes ago to get out to the porch and the flowers.

  2. Doofus? or Doofus with a smiley. You blog because you love.
    tell me, is he still swimming in his water dish?

  3. swimming? no. paddling water 8 feet across the kitchen so I can do the “slip ‘n slide” in the morning – yes.

    Oh and drinking only from the bathroom sink.

    Nothing like trying to pee and having the cat head butting you while he’s sitting on the sink so that you turn on the water for him.

    yep – fun times.

    and I blog because I’m an attention whore. you know that.

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