She Dyed…

“No WAY!”  you say?

“Yes Way!”  I say.

I did, and I have proof, that indeed, I spent the afternoon rocking out with Gaelic Storm’s new album, in my basement, mixing and concocting, and soaking and rinsing.

Behold, the wrinkled, not quite ready for primetime, but sort of pretty nonetheless, batch of scarves I did today.

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They may not be colors for everyone, but I am finding, as I usually do at this time of year, a yearning for the colors of autumn.

Subdued, warm, looking like the sound of crunching leaves, but light enough to still feel like summer heat.

They should be up in the shop by tomorrow.

(and for anyone keeping count, which is probably only me…. that was a seven week hiatus from dyeing things.  Let’s not let that happen again, shall we?)

5 thoughts on “She Dyed…

  1. Lovely colors very warm and rich…they remind me of late summer grass colors and the sound of crikets in the afternoon

  2. Congratulations of having your Poinsettias quilt is beautiful with the hand dyed fabrics. I have not dyed any fabrics but may just have to give it a try. The Timeless Treasures FQs would be a perfect fit for a quilt I am making. It is a bluework pattern by Bird Brain Designs called Snowmen and Reindeer. I am collecting blue and white FQs for the block work. The block work is different than the original pattern. Thanks for the chance to win the FQs and the Best Christmas Quilts 2012 magazine.

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