Silly Self Portrait Saturday

Thanks to Chris, (aka StoneyCharms) who reminded me that we had agreed to a silly self portrait day one day when discussing headphones or some such thing in the etsy forums. So here goes.

HA. Just kidding. Obviously. This would be the doofus cat that still calls my house home. SOMEDAY his real mama will come to reclaim him (hint-hint christine…). He just likes to wait until I’m slaying trolls in the Etsy fora to take advantage of the most expensive fabric in the house. (Don’t worry- this gets washed on hot about a dozen times during dyeing.)

Here- thanks to my hubs, is my “discharging” get up. Sometimes you just gotta take the color OUT of something, and that throws off some really nasty fumes. I do it outside (hence the outdoor shot) with my hot plate and a “table” made of sawhorses and buckets and so on. Not something you want to dress up for. Generally- this would be done in one of the many multicolored (aka dyesplashed) shirts and crocs. and grubby pants or pjs. But we just amae back from a day out with the kids- so I threw the garb on for the modeling session in front of the hydrangea. FYI: That hydrangea is FULL of bumblebees…..

Scary eh? Maybe sometime I’ll actually do some REAL workspace pics. After I clean up my workspace.

Anyhoo- that’s me. Last time I was out doing this- in my driveway- every dog walker and kid walker happened to decide to go for a stroll by my house that day. Trust me- It wasn’t pretty and I secured my place as the nuttiest on the block.

Now that we’ve looked at that- let’s look at the cute…

Yes- that’s the asshat cat from above, looking cute so that I still feed him every day. There are two others in the house- but they are a little more camera shy.

4 thoughts on “Silly Self Portrait Saturday

  1. YOU WIN! hehehehe…. knew you would! (I have a full face respirator thing I’ll loan you sometime to really weird out your neighbors!) and your cat wins the cute contest.

  2. THe asshat cat now tortures me….the real mama. Damn cat couldn’t be normal cat and ignore me for a month, punishing me for leaving him with the nutty scarf lady and the small people. NOOOOO. He instead has claimed his righteous place on my allergic face and decided that is where he is soposed to be when the TV is actually on. sure you don’t want him back? (scratch scratch ,itch, itch)

  3. The discharge fumes reminds of when my best friend Laurey and I were in highschool, and I visited when her mom was dyeing some fabric (she was a costumer). My friend said that her mom was sick, and that she was doing the discharging today……So I walk into the house and was hit with this AWFUL smell that made me gag, and I thought, “O my gosh, poor Kelly, I hope I never get sick and have discharge like that!” But then Laurey showed me what the discharge was……………I can still remember the smell, ugh!

  4. For those of you who have been following the kitty blogs on this space let me share with you something more about the asshat cat. I went away for the weekend last weekend. Leaving enough food, beverage, and clean potty for the kitty above and his fat brother. And never the less “punished me” for my absence. Not by scratching anything, tipping over anything glass, or coughing something up from their bowels. But by peeing in their water dish. Because THAT makes sense. If any of the nutty scarf lady’s artist friends miss her kitty blogs, I shall be happy to share more daily ditties in the adventures of the asshat cat.

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