on my mind:

The Election

The Economy (and it’s effect on those of us selling “luxury” or “non-essential” items.)

Trying to build up stock for my Etsy shop, a few shows, and the holiday season in general.

Trying to find an artistic path instead of what lately seems like aimless wandering. (Today I’ll discharge silk, tomorrow I’ll slap wax around, the next day- painting, after that more shibori, what do i want to do, dye scarves forever?- or create my own fabrics to be used in other work, or maybe I’ll continue my fascination with Rozome, etc etc lather rinse repeat)

yada yada yada

More later.

and as testament to my apparent need for better focus, the first time I posted this I spent a half hour trying to find it…. only to find out that I accidentally wrote this as a page instead of a post…..

4 thoughts on “Focus…

  1. Oh you are singing the same song I am. I am convinced I could manage to do all sorts of wonderful things if I could simply decide what I want to do. Yhere are so many paths and they all seem so tempting don’t they?

  2. beth-
    i think you might be underrating the value of “aimless wandering”. i’m always looking for more time to do exactly that because for me, it’s where i find i do some of my most important work. things experimented with during aimless wandering often bloom into something very directed-for example, the shibori ribbon and flowers….
    -taking a break here while i decide WHAT to pack next!!

  3. If you’re concerned about aimless wandering, it may be time to stop. organize your time by periods of the day, for example, sketching, designing, playing in the morning; production work in the afternoon.

    I work on one area of production one week of the month. So scarves one week, yardage the next week, quilt projects the third week and one week to play.

    The design time is crucial, day in and day out for at least two hours every day. Discipline creates great craftswomanship.

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