How ’bout we stop trying to legislate common sense…

and deal directly with the manufacturers and importers of toxic, crappy plastic and lead laden toys, and not push every small business owner who makes anything that will come even remotely close to a child out of business forever.

How about we stop legislating nonsense? 

I’m not even sure where to start, but a well meaning law has gone so far off the deep end, that it will literally force makers of natural toys, children’s products, kids clothing, anything that could be *perceived* by the CPSC as geared to kids (even if it’s not), to go out of business.  In addition to requiring not only not allowing component testing to stand in for item testing, they are requiring it on EVERYTHING.  Every color, every size, everything.  I’ve seen costs for this range from 180 per item to 300 per item.  In some cases there will be SEVERAL tests required.  Make hand dyed baby onesies?  The fabric needs to be tested for lead, as do the dyes, the snaps and the thread.  All independantly.  EVERY COLOR.

If you can’t prove testing, and can’t provide certification, you are not in compliance.  You can be fined HUNDREDS of thousands, and face jail time.  

After Feb 9th, 2009, all these items you have made over the years, will suddenly be considered hazardous waste and can NOT be sold (accross state lines- apparently you can still sell in state only, and only if you state is not as rigorous as the Fed laws.

In addition, there are parts to this law that include apparel manufacturers.  “i’m not a manufacturer, I’m a dye artist, weaver, sewer, etc”  you say. Nope- if you make it and sell it, you are a manufacturer. You will be required to label even more stringently.  In addition, I believe- but am not positive because the whole thing is so damn confusing, submit products for testing for flammability, though it’s possible they will all just have to be labeled as flammable if you don’t. 

And apparently “labels” are not permanent enough to the cpsc, it is sounding more and more like it will have to be a permanent part of the product, not removable.  Yes that will look nice on that silk scarf.  “FLAMMABLE!”  No kidding.  So don’t butt your ciggy out on it! Or dangle it over an open flame. 

I urge anyone, or at least the 3 of you who read this :-) to look into how this affects your business and art. 

Some interesting articles can be found here:

Take a look, read up, contact your legislators, nearly all these links lead to more links.  And some sample letters if you know how to write one yourself.

I’m all for regulation and protecting kids.  I’m a mama, I know.  But I’m going to kick and scream about this one. 


more later…

One thought on “How ’bout we stop trying to legislate common sense…

  1. The whole world has gone so PC it has completely forgotten what it was ever meant to do or to protect..

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