So I find myself in the unfamiliar position…

of really actually giving a crap who is or isn’t getting signed with the Red Sox.

I always liked baseball. I come from a baseball loving family. But I don’t ( or didn’t) watch with any frequency during the regular seasons. I grew up in Cleveland Indians country, and moved to Red Sox nation 20 years ago. So my teams always lost…ergo why would I watch?

But in 2004 I was caught up in the playoffs and sacrificed much sleep over those weeks in October.

Then I started checking the scores more frequently. And occasionally making the kids stop flicking channels when they passed a game.

And the playoffs this year between the Sox and the Indians?


Either could’ve won and I would’ve been fine, though my kids and family would’ve disowned me if I actually rooted for Cleveland. And honestly- if the Indians had won- I don’t think I’d be this profoundly excited about baseball. (or them)

But I’m smitten with the Sox.

There, I said it. I’m a fan.

I check the sports blogs and news every hour for news on theo and friends down at the GM meetings. Despite my general dislike for Curt Schilling’s politics, he seems like a good guy and a fine pitcher. It was just announced that he has signed on to play his last year here and I am glad. Mike Lowell- hopefully he’s next. I could watch Papelbon pitch forever, the man is a pitching machine.

It’s a disease, I tell ya. And I don’t wanna be cured.