Isn’t she pretty!

Right before Christmas, actually AS I was trying to finish up a present, my sewing machine started stinking. The kind of stink you get when your vacuum, or washer is slipping a belt. It was not a pleasant smell, but I didn’t immediately identify it as “sewing machine death” since it started out fairly subtle.

It wasn’t until I realized that said machine was starting to slow down and feel sluggish, that I needed to put more and more pressure on the pedal that I suddenly realized what was going on. I probably pushed it harder than I should have, it being a cheap peice o’ crap from BJ’s ten years ago. But I had been fighting with this fabric for DAYS.

Note: if you really want some crazy making fun times: try to stitch 12 mm silk charmeuse to silk velvet, with long straight lines and no bunching. Now flip it over and do the other side. Now add in the stress of a deadline (Christmas), kids (can I sew something Mom?) cats (Hmmmm that tread looks good, and ooooh a nice velvet bed for me to roll on) Fun times were had by all!

Anyways, dead machine. Got the project done. Figured- okay well I’ll take it to “the guy” and hopefully he doesn’t laugh at my plastic machine. It’s a Singer, but that doesn’t mean what it used to mean, and it has served me well, but I spent more time fighting with it than sewing with it in the last decade. What I really want is to invest in a sturdy OLD machine. I don’t need bells and whistles. I need a straight stitch and maybe a zig-zag. But I do need money, and that I don’t have right now.

Well lo and behold I’m talking to my MIL about it, and she mentions a machine she picked up for 15 bucks somewhere, but the person she was going to give it to didn’t want it. Would I like it for backup? Uhhhmmmm. Sure I ‘ll try anything.

Well what did I find when I open the box?????

A MINT condition Singer 328K. Built like a tank! As in- I can actually make the slipcovers I’ve been wanting to do! And runs beautifully!

Singer 328K

Here she is close up and sexy-like in the shadows….

Singer 328k closeup

If you could marry a machine…you know I would in a heartbeat. I can’t wait to really get going this weekend on a bunch of projects that have been languishing.



This girl needs a name too!  Give me some name ideas in the comments , and if I pick yours- I’ll send along a little goody!